Pin DC3 Plateado
  • Pin DC3 Plateado

Pin DC3 Nickel

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Add to your collection or start one now with this quality pin badge. A superb miniature made from fine english pewter with an antique pewter finish and fitted with an elegant clutch. Wear with pride! Supplied gift boxed. 

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The Douglas DC-3 revolutionised commercial aviation. Robust, reliable and easy to service, by the late 1930s it was the most popular pane in the sky. It became one of the best-selling commercial airframes ever with more than 10,600 produced.The military transport version C-47, known as Skytrain in the US and Dakota in Britain, served the air forces of the world in a variety of tasks including: Glider Tug, Ambulance, Troop Carrier and Parachute Carrier. Many examples are still in service today over 70 years on!