Aviation Caps

Welcome to this section where elegance meets functionality! Discover our carefully selected collection of pilot caps and aviator sunglasses, specifically designed for aviation enthusiasts and air professionals.

Pilot and Children's Caps

Whether you are a professional of the sky or a young dreamer, we have the ideal cap for you. Our collection of pilot caps is designed with comfort and style in mind, suitable for any aerial adventure. For the youngsters, we offer caps with fun designs and comfortable fit, perfect for protecting them from the sun and making them feel part of the exciting world of aviation. Made with durable and high-quality materials, our caps are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

Aviator Sunglasses

We understand the importance of clear vision and glare protection for pilots. That's why our collection of sunglasses is specially designed to provide superior optical clarity and UV protection. With ergonomic frames and quality lenses, they ensure comfort and safety for your eyes, both in daytime flights and in variable light conditions.

At Pilots Center, we are official distributors in Spain of leading aviation brands such as BOSE, Jeppesen, Airbus, Boeing, David Clark, ASA, and Design 4 Pilots. Each product in our range has been selected for its quality, design, and functionality, ensuring that you receive only the best in aviation accessories.

Browse our selection and find the cap and sunglasses that will accompany you on your aerial adventures. Shop now and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality at Pilots Center!