Flight suits

Flight suits are an essential piece of attire for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Whether you're flying commercial planes or practicing aerial acrobatics, you need a reliable flight suit to ensure your safety and comfort during each air journey.

At Pilots Center, we offer you an exclusive selection of flight suits that meet US military specifications, ensuring maximum quality and durability. With a variety of colors and materials, from fire-resistant NOMEX to durable polyester and cotton blends, there's a perfect flight suit for every pilot.

Our Nomex CWU-27/P Navy Blue Flight Suit is a favorite among our customers. This flight suit not only has an attractive aesthetic, but it is designed for the safety of the pilot. Made with 92% Nomex, it is fire-resistant and meets the demanding military specifications FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A).

For those seeking functionality and comfort, we offer a flight suit made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This flight suit is spacious and comes with well-placed pockets, allowing pilots to store and access their tools with ease. With tabs for rank insignia, Velcro for an ID card, and slots for pens and aeronautical charts on the knees, this flight suit facilitates organization during flight.

Don't forget to also complement your flight suit with high-quality gloves. Our Nomex Flight Gloves are perfect for aerobatic flight, while the 5.11 Taclite 2 Gloves, with their lightweight and quick-drying design, offer excellent responsiveness and protection.