Flight Jackets

Take your style to new heights with our range of flight jackets. We have high quality jackets that provide comfort and protection for both air travellers and adventure seekers. Whether you're a pilot, explorer or just a fan of aviator style, our jackets will keep you warm and safe. Take off in style and get your flight jacket today!

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Designed for maximum comfort and protection, the jackets we offer are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance, perfect for dealing with harsh weather conditions such as wind and cold, or for multiple uses such as motorcycling. From classic designs to the latest trends, with styles such as the classic MA-1, CWU, bomber style or jackets from the great Design 4 Pilots brand.

Flight jackets are designed with authentic details and features such as double zips, warm linings, high quality aviation themed patches, multiple pockets and some are even reversible. Whether you're flying or just exploring the city, these jackets will keep you warm and safe.

Wondering about some of the terms used in flight jackets?

The term CWU in the name of a jacket refers to the Cold Weather Uniform military garment specification used by the United States Air Force. These jackets are designed to provide thermal insulation and protection from wind and moisture in extremely cold conditions. CWU jackets are typically made from durable materials such as nylon, with an inner lining of polyester or cotton, and typically feature details such as heavy-duty zips, large pockets and a detachable hood.

The term MA-1 refers to a United States Air Force military flight jacket, also known as the MA-1 bomber jacket. The name comes from the military specification "MIL-J-8279", which defines the characteristics and requirements of the jacket. Introduced in the 1950s, the MA-1 became a fashion icon, popularised for its timeless style and functional design.

The original MA-1 jacket was made from nylon with a layer of polyester padding to provide thermal insulation. Typical features of an MA-1 jacket include ribbed cuffs and waistband, a front zip closure, large pockets and a shoulder patch flap. Today, MA-1 jackets are made in a variety of fabrics and colours and have become a staple of casual fashion.

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