Flight bags

Explore our wide range of flight bags, designed to meet the needs of pilots and aviation students. We provide travel bags in various sizes and styles, from compact options to large-capacity bags. Whether you're looking for a lightweight bag for short flights or a more spacious suitcase for longer trips, at Pilots Center, we have the perfect solution for you.

Flight Bags: Details that Make a Difference

Our catalog of flight bags is broad and diversified, with options designed to meet the needs of all types of pilots and aviation students. Whether you're looking for a compact bag for a short flight or a large-capacity briefcase for long trips, we have the ideal solution for you.

The Aviator Jeppesen Bag , durable and functional, offers great capacity in a compact size. It's ideal for those seeking efficiency and ease of transportation. In the same line, the Crosscountry Pilot Bag is the perfect companion for weekend getaways or cross-country excursions, thanks to its robust design and reinforced base.

For those needing more storage space, the Daily Pilot Briefcase and the Captain Jeppesen Bag are excellent options. The former, designed to meet the needs of both students and professional pilots, offers numerous compartments and pockets to store everything necessary for flight. The Captain Jeppesen Bag, on the other hand, is a fully padded luxury option, with specific compartments for helmets and equipment.

For aviation students, our Jeppesen Students Bag offers a durable and water-resistant solution. Its design includes several external and internal pockets for optimal organization. In addition, the Air Classics Pro line provides extreme durability, with special compartments for headphones, tablets, flight charts, and other flight accessories.

Vintage Style Bags

At Pilots Center, we care not only about the functionality and quality of our products, but we also appreciate the charm and nostalgia of classic aviation. That's why we have a selection of vintage products that are sure to attract aviation history enthusiasts.

The Shoulder Bag and the Vintage Boeing Bag are two examples of this collection that capture the essence of the Boeing brand. Both are made to withstand daily use, and are light enough to travel anywhere. Their design includes the classic Boeing logo embroidered on the adjustable strap, adding a touch of authenticity and nostalgia to each piece.

If you're looking for a more sporty option without giving up the vintage style, the Airbus Vintage Sports Bag is a perfect choice. Made of high-quality polyester, this sports bag features a main zippered compartment and an additional front pocket for optimal storage and organization.

The Vintage Collection also honors the air forces with the Royal Air Force Bag and the US Air Force Bag. Both are unique canvas bags, screen-printed with motifs from their respective air forces. Their compact size and adjustable strap make them perfect for daily use, whether for the gym, work, or travel.

Paratrooper Inspiration: Functionality and Style

In addition to our wide range of flight bags, at Pilots Center we also offer a unique collection of items inspired by parachuting. This range, which includes backpacks, bags, travel bags, shoulder bags, and fanny packs, brings a touch of military style to your travels and daily commutes.

Made of 100% nylon, these paratrooper-style pieces combine durability with a distinctive design. Some of the models feature an orange tape that, when pulled forward, allows you to open the outer compartment, a nod to the functionality and aesthetics of military parachuting equipment. Explore our range of parachuting-inspired products and discover how the adventurous spirit can be combined with utility and durability.

At Pilots Center, our mission is to help you find the perfect flight bag that will accompany you on your flights and aerial adventures. We invite you to explore our selection and discover the variety of options we have available.