ULM Books

Dive into the thrilling adventure of ultralight aviation with our collection of books. From beginner manuals to advanced guides, find everything you need to master the art of ULM flight. Please note that the available books are in Spanish.

Essential Books for Ultralight Pilots

In this section of Ultralight Books, you will find a selection of indispensable works for those passionate about the world of ultralight flight. From training manuals for future pilots to reference guides, these books cover everything you need to learn and master the art of flying in ULM.

Training Manuals for Ultralight Pilots

"Manual del Piloto de Ultraligero": With over 30 years of experience, this manual provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for handling ultralights. It includes aerodynamics, ultralight components, flight technique, meteorology, and regulations.

"Piloto de Avión Ultra Ligero Motorizado – Guía de Referencia": This book covers the complete syllabus for the official exam to obtain a ULM pilot's license and offers additional resources such as multiple-choice questions and a map with airfields.

"Manual del Piloto de Ultraligero. ULM multiaxis fixed-wing. ULM with center of gravity displacement DCG": Adapted to current regulations in Spain, this manual is a basic tool for the theoretical training of future ultralight pilots, both in multiaxis fixed-wing ULM and in ULM with center of gravity displacement.

Whether you're preparing for the ULM pilot exam or looking to improve your skills and knowledge in ultralight flight, our selection of books will provide you with everything you need to succeed in your aeronautical adventure. Start flying today! Please note that the available books are in Spanish.