Remove Before Flight keychains

Remove Before Flight keychains

We have a wide range of Remove Before Flight keychains, the famous red tape used on small aircraft to indicate to pilots and technicians that certain systems or components need to be removed before take-off. Our Keychains range is manufactured using high quality materials and durable embroidery to ensure long lasting use and immaculate appearance.

In addition to the classic Remove Before Flight keychains, we also offer aircraft and helicopter themed keychains. From commercial Airbus and Boeing models to military F-18 and F-16 fighter jets to Apache and Chinook helicopters, we have a wide range of options to choose from! Not only do these keyrings show your passion for aviation, they are also a great way to personalise your keys or rucksack.

If you're looking for a fun gift for an aviation enthusiast friend or family member, our key chains with fun phrases such as "Kiss Me Before Flight" or "We Make It Fly" will be a hit.

The history of Remove Before Flight

The history of Remove Before Flight dates back to the early days of military aviation. In the 1920s, pilots began using a series of visual signals to communicate with ground mechanics. One of these signals was a red cloth placed at the entrance to the pilot's cabin to indicate that all pre-flight checks had been completed and the aircraft was ready to take off.

Over time, other items that needed to be removed before take-off were added, and the red cloth evolved into the famous red tape with the words "Remove Before Flight" printed on it. These tapes are used on all types of aircraft, from small planes to large commercial aircraft.

As a result, the phrase "Remove Before Flight" is now synonymous with safety in aviation. It has become an integral part of safety procedures and aviation culture in general. In fact, the "Remove Before Flight" ribbon has become a collector's item for many aviation enthusiasts and can be found not only on keychains, but also on flight jackets, watches and other aviation-related items. Have you got yours? Buy it now.