Model Airplanes

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast looking to have a replica of your favorite airplane, or a collector, you're in the right place, as we offer model airplanes of both military and commercial types, as well as pre-assembled models and unassembled kits. Get yours now!

Model Airplanes to Assemble

If you enjoy the building process, you'll love our model airplanes to assemble in kit form, perfect for entertainment, relaxation, and learning.

We offer a kit to assemble the Lockheed F-117 A Nighthawk, a stealth aircraft used by the U.S. armed forces. It stands out for its angular design and advanced stealth technology. Our model includes all the iconic details of this aircraft.

We also have the kit for the Tornado ECR TigerMeet 2007/08, a European fighter aircraft used by various air forces. It excels in ground attack missions and its advanced weaponry system. Our kit features all the details of this striking aircraft.

At PilotsCenter, we ensure to offer high-quality airplane model kits with realism. Choose your favorite model and start building your authentic replica of an iconic aircraft.

Assembled Model Airplanes

If you prefer a model airplane ready for display, we offer a wide variety of assembled model airplanes tailored to your preferences. Designed with detail and realism, they bring authenticity and fidelity to the real model.

Pre-assembled models are ideal for those who do not want to build one from scratch due to a lack of time or skills. Moreover, they make an excellent gift for aviation enthusiasts, delivering the model ready to admire upon opening the gift. Each model is carefully crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring faithful replicas. Explore our selection of assembled airplanes and find the perfect model for yourself or as a gift.

Helicopter Models

In addition to our range of airplane models, we offer helicopter models. A must-have for enthusiasts of these versatile vehicles. Our helicopter models boast great detail and realism, perfect for any collection.

Among the models, we offer the Boeing AH-64 Apache. A combat helicopter used by armed forces worldwide. Its design and weaponry will amaze you. We also have the AIRBUS H145, a multipurpose helicopter for rescue and military missions.

We highlight the BELL 206 JetRanger, a civil and military helicopter known for its reliability. Used in multiple roles, from transportation to training. Its classic style makes it appreciated among collectors.

Lastly, we offer the model of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. An assault and transport helicopter mainly used by U.S. armed forces. Its robust design and capacity make it essential in your collection.

Commercial Airplane Models

Regarding Commercial Airplane Models, we offer a varied selection of replicas of the most iconic and modern commercial aircraft in the world. These civil aircraft models have been designed with a high level of detail and realism, making them an excellent choice for commercial aviation enthusiasts.

Among the available models, we highlight the Boeing 787-10, a long-range aircraft that revolutionized energy efficiency and passenger comfort. With its flexible wings and aerodynamic design, it is one of the most innovative aircraft in the industry.

Another remarkable model is the Airbus A380, the largest commercial aircraft in the world to date. Its capacity to carry up to 853 passengers and its flight range of over 8,000 nautical miles make it a giant of commercial aviation.

Lastly, the Boeing 777-8 is a long-range, wide-body aircraft capable of carrying around 365 passengers. With its powerful engines and intercontinental range, it is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced aircraft.

We offer commercial airplane models in 1:200 and 1:400 scales, allowing collectors to choose the perfect size for their display space. Discover our wide range of Commercial Airplane Models and find the perfect replica of the airplane of your dreams.

Military Airplane Models

In our store, you will also find a selection of military aircraft models that capture the essence and power of some of the most iconic combat machines in history. Military airplane models are a must-have addition for any collector passionate about aviation and military history.

One of the most notable models in our collection is the F-14 Tomcat, a fighter aircraft of the United States Navy that entered service in the 1970s. With its characteristic variable geometry wing design and its ability to reach supersonic speeds, the F-14 Tomcat became a symbol of U.S. air supremacy during the Cold War.

Another iconic military aircraft is the F-18A Blue Angels, used by the famous U.S. Navy aerial demonstration team. This fighter, with its distinctive blue and yellow paint scheme, is known for its astonishing acrobatic maneuvers and precision in formation flying.

You can also purchase the model of the P-51 Mustang, a World War II fighter aircraft that played a crucial role in the European theater. This aircraft, with its elegant design and powerful engine, provided the Allied forces with the air superiority necessary to secure victory in Europe.

In our selection of military airplane models, you will find detailed replicas of these incredible combat machines that have left their mark on aviation history. Explore our collection and bring home a piece of history!

Buy Model Airplanes

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