BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
  • BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
  • BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
  • BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
  • BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
  • BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
  • BOSE A30® Aviation Headset
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BOSE A30® Aviation Headset

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The Bose A30 Aviation Headset stand out as the most advanced that Bose has developed so far. They are the first aviation headphones to offer three noise cancellation modes, significantly enhancing each flight experience.

The Bose A30 feature the best combination of comfort, clarity, and noise cancellation available in the current market. Furthermore, their lightweight design is FAA TSO and EASA/TSO-C139a certified, proving their durability even under the most demanding conditions.

Configuration: with Bluetooth®, dual plug, straight cable
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Amplify your flight experience with BOSE A30

The Bose A30 are the most comfortable and comprehensive pilot headset Bose has ever created, being the first aviation headset with three active noise cancellation modes, significantly enhancing every flight experience. The Bose A30 are the best combination of comfort, audio clarity, and active noise cancellation available on the market.

  • 3 Noise reduction modes

    Allows selection of three active noise cancellation modes with touch control, providing versatility for pilots of all types of aircraft and in all types of environments.

  • Toggle on and off with one touch

    Activate and deactivate noise cancellation with a single touch. With this feature, pilots can quickly switch between active noise cancellation and environmental listening with a simple tap on the headphone.

  • Volume control on each side

    The feature of volume control on each headphone allows customized adjustments for each ear, adapting to pilots' preferences, whether for mono audio systems or stereo/binaural systems.

  • Active equalization for enhanced audio

    Automatically modulates and equalizes incoming signals, improving intelligibility and providing clean, fully optimized sound quality.

  • Customizable audio prioritization

    Adjustable audio prioritization control that allows you to mute audio signals when receiving communication, or play both sources simultaneously.

  • Switchable side microphone

    Easily connect the microphone to the left or right headphone without the need for tools, enhancing comfort and ergonomics in the cockpit.

  • Comfortable and stable fit

    Lightweight (404 grams) with optimized weight distribution, gentle clamping force, and contour-designed pads for each head loop, providing unparalleled comfort and stability.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Bluetooth audio and communications interface for connectivity with your communications and navigation devices (Features available in certain variants of the headset).

  • Fully certified

    Built according to the latest ARINC standards and certified TSO/ETSO C139a.

  • 45+ Hour battery life

    Smart shutoff helps provide at least 45 hours of use from just two AA alkaline batteries.

A new standard in lasting comfort with Bose A30 pilot headset

Setting the bar for long term comfort

The Bose A30 stand out for their lightweight design and low pressure, ensuring unparalleled comfort during long flights. With reduced weight and 20% less head pressure compared to their predecessor, the acclaimed A20, the Bose A30 offer an even more comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, despite their lighter weight, the A30 maintain the same industry-leading noise reduction as the A20, ensuring a quiet and distraction-free flight experience.

Personalized audio experience with Bose A30

Audio on your terms

The Bose A30 offer an exceptional audio experience due to their perfect balance between noise cancellation and audio clarity. With their optional Bluetooth® interface and three selectable active noise cancellation modes, pilots can customize their listening experience in different aircraft and environments. Active equalization of incoming signals provides unparalleled clarity, while the precision noise-canceling microphone helps reduce background noise during transmission.

5-year warranty

Five-year transferable limited warranty covers parts, labor and second-day return shipping expenses for non-abuse malfunctions.

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Bose A30 pilot headset
  • Clear audio for music and communication

    Bose Active EQ keeps the audio clear and distinct, whether you’re listening to music or an important communication.

  • Simple, intuitive operation

    "Plug-and-play" convenience means the headset is ready to fly when you are—no need to press a lot of buttons first just to activate it.

  • For all types of aircraft

    The A30 pilot headset come with two plugs, as well as a wide range of configurations designed for use in all types of aircraft (XLR-5, LEMO), including helicopters (U-174).(U-174).

Bose A30 ControlModule
  • More features

    Available in dual plug, LEMO (6-pin), XLR (5-pin), and U174 variants, as well as U384 and other connectors that will be available in the coming year for general aviation, commercial, and military customers.

    Certified by the FAA (TSO) and EASA E/TSO-C139a for outstanding performance in demanding flight environments.

    The headphone input impedance is 150 ohms in mono mode and 300 ohms in stereo mode, in accordance with RTCA DO-214A standard.

    The headphone sensitivity is 96.5 +/- 3.5 dBA SPL, measured according to RTCA DO-214A.

    Headphone weight: 404g (14.2 ounces).


  • What’s different about the Bose A30 Aviation Headset?

    The Bose A30 Aviation Headset is the most advanced around-ear aviation headset on the market. Its lightweight design, low clamping force, and specialized earcup design enable maximum comfort, even over long flights.
    The A30 is customizable to pilots’ environment and/or personal preferences with three selectable modes of active noise cancellation. This industry-leading active noise cancellation is achieved without compromising the acclaimed clear audio and simplicity of use expected from Bose.
    All models come with two AA batteries, and select models can also be powered by the aircraft. These models have a flexible power feature that allows pilots to switch seamlessly from battery power to aircraft power without compromising headset performance.

  • What are the advantages of the Bose A30 over the A20?

    The Bose A30 Aviation Headset is the most advanced aviation headset yet. Compared to the A20, it has:

    • - Enhanced comfort achieved through a purposeful design with quality materials, redistribution of weight throughout the headset and reduced clamping force.
    • - Digital active noise reduction with three modes of active noise cancellation.
    • - Tap control.
    • - A thinner, more flexible down cable.
    • - A swappable down cable (no tools required).
    • - Storage in a smaller carrying case.

    Pre-2015 Bose A20 models (These features are not present in all versions):

    • - A2DP: streaming Bluetooth® audio.
    • - Auto-on (select models using aircraft power).
    • - High-performance microphone.
    • - Coil cord option.
  • How does the Bose A30 headset compare to the A20 in terms of noise reduction?

    The Bose A30 provides similar total noise reduction to the A20, but with a different weight distribution and substantially lower clamping force.

  • Can I interchange the control modules or other parts and accessories from my A20 or ProFlight with those from the Bose A30?

    No. The control module can be used only with the model for which it was built. Although some of the cushions and parts may be forced onto the Bose A30 Aviation Headset, they were not designed for this product.

  • How many new and existing patents does Bose A30 have

    The Bose A30 has over 25 new and existing U.S. patents, making it one of the most heavily patented products Bose has ever produced.

Bose A30 box content
  • Box content

    Pilot A30® Headset.

    Transport case for headset and accessories.

    Control module hanger.

    Two AA batteries.

    3.5 mm aux cable.

    Two clothing clips.

    Warranty card.

    Quick start and owner’s guides.


You can order your Bose A30 headset with these connectors and with/without Bluetooth:

Dual plug: 1 5.3mm jack and 1 6.2mm jack. This is the most common type of connection in aircraft.

6-pin LEMO plug: Designed for aircraft owners who prefer an installed, aircraft-powered headset.

5-pin XLR plug: Compatible with most Airbus aircraft. When aircraft power is detected, the headset automatically turns on and switches from battery power to aircraft power.

U174 plug: This configuration is popular on many helicopter types and is available with a coil cord.

If you choose the Bluetooth configuration, you can enjoy music or receive calls wirelessly and with Bose sound quality.
It also allows you to pair your A30 with more than one device,
and you can even receive alerts from your favorite apps.

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