Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset
  • Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset
  • Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset
  • Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset
  • Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset
  • Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset
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Bose ProFlight II, Aviation Headset

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Specifically designed for jet aircraft, the Bose ProFlight Series 2 pilot headphones usher in a new era in aviation. These headphones merge an ultra-lightweight design of 127.6 grams with durability that belies their appearance.

Bose takes connectivity to the next level by offering models both with and without Bluetooth®, ensuring pilots stay synced with their devices. The digital active noise cancellation and three selectable modes ensure a serene journey, regardless of the conditions.

Their swappable side microphone and slender cable offer versatility and comfort. And, as expected, they come with the esteemed FAA TSO and E/TSO-C139A certifications, attesting to their reliability.

Configuration: with dual plug, straight cable
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Amplify your flying experience with Bose ProFlight II

The Bose ProFlight Series 2 represent the evolution in headphones for pilots, standing out for their innovative design and enhanced functionalities based on customer feedback. They are the maximum expression of Bose engineering, offering a lighter cable, a more comfortable fit and a more intuitive touch control. The ProFlight Series 2, specifically designed for pressurized aircraft, not only set a new standard in active noise reduction, but also present themselves as the optimal choice for pilots looking for the best in the sky.

  • 3 Noise Reduction Modes

    Allows you to choose between three active noise cancellation modes with touch control, offering versatility for pilots of all types of aircraft and in all types of environments.

  • Activate and deactivate with one touch

    Activate and deactivate noise cancellation with a single touch. With this function, pilots can quickly switch between active noise cancellation and ambient listening with a simple touch on the headset.

  • Volume control on each side

    The volume control feature on each headset allows for individual adjustments on each ear, adapting to the preferences of pilots, whether for mono or stereo/binaural audio systems.

  • Active equalization for improved audio

    Automatically modulates and equalizes incoming signals, improving intelligibility and providing a clean and fully optimized sound quality.

  • Customizable audio prioritization

    Adjustable audio prioritization control allows you to mute audio signals when receiving communication or play both sources at the same time.

  • Microphone can be switched from side to side

    Connect the microphone to the left or right earphone easily and without the need for tools, improving comfort and ergonomics in the cockpit.

  • Comfortable and stable placement

    Lightweight (127.6 grams) with optimized weight distribution, soft pressure force, and contoured cushions for each side of the head, offer unmatched comfort and stability.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

    Bluetooth communications and audio interface for connectivity with your navigation and communication devices (only available on some models).

  • Fully certified

    Built according to the latest ARINC standards and TSO / ETSO C139a certified.

  • Over 45 hours of battery

    Its smart shutdown function provides at least 45 hours of use with only two AA alkaline batteries.

Bose ProFlight Series 2, lightweight and durable

Lightweight and designed to last

Despite their lightweight of 127.6g, the ProFlight Series 2 are built to last over time. With FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certifications, they guarantee their resistance even in the most demanding situations.
The ProFlight Series 2 come equipped with a subtle, reduced weight and highly flexible cable, giving pilots unrestricted mobility and unparalleled simplicity when storing or using the headphones.

Bose ProFlight Series 2, simple configuration

Intuitive setup to adapt to you

Select between three noise cancellation modes to adapt it to your environment. With the ProFlight Series 2 headphones, connecting wirelessly to your mobile devices, audio systems, or electronic flight equipment is a smooth process, thanks to the Bluetooth function (available in certain models). All of this can also be managed from its ergonomic control module. And to keep everything in order, the provided cord ensures easy and secure storage during your air journeys.

5-Year Warranty

The transferable five-year limited warranty covers parts, labor, and return shipping costs for failures not due to improper use.

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Bose A30 Pilot Headphones
  • Clear communications with ergonomic design

    Thanks to the thin and light cable of the ProFlight Series 2, not only is impeccable communication ensured, but unmatched comfort is also provided, reducing the load on the pilot's head.

  • Customization at your fingertips

    With three levels of noise cancellation and Bluetooth capabilities in specific models, the ProFlight Series 2 allows precise adaptation to your preferences, all from an ergonomic control module.

  • Perfect for quieter flight environments

    Especially designed for pressurized and moderately noisy aircraft, the Bose ProFlight Series 2 deliver superior audio quality, making every flight a pleasant acoustic experience.

Bose ProFlight Series 2 ControlModule
  • More features

    The compact design of the ProFlight Series 2 headphones incorporates over 30 US design and utility patents.

    ProFlight headphones (unextended sliding adjustments): 21.4 cm in height x 16.1 cm in width x 8 cm in depth.

    Certified by the FAA (TSO) and EASA E/TSO-C139a for its outstanding performance in demanding flight environments.

    Available with dual connector, 5-pin XLR plugs or 6-pin LEMO.

    Aircraft power supply voltage range: From 10 to 32 VDC.

    Average power consumption: 250 mW.


  • What improvements do the ProFlight Series 2 headphones have over their predecessor?

    Based on user feedback, we've implemented several optimizations. The cable is now thinner and lighter, providing greater mobility and reducing the weight on the head by 11 grams. The touch control for out-of-intercom communications has been refined. Additionally, the microphone arm now features fins for proper adjustment and alignment. We've updated the carrying bag with a carabiner and a loop, as well as a more spacious internal design.

  • Between the ProFlight Series 2 and the A30, what distinguishes them? Are they suitable for any aircraft?

    Although both headphones have common features like Bluetooth and the stereo/mono audio option, they are fundamentally different in design. The A30 has a closed structure, ideal for noisier, unpressurized single-engine aircraft. In contrast, the ProFlight Series 2, with its internal headband design, is better suited for pressurized and quieter aircraft, like most jets.

  • Is it comfortable to wear glasses with the ProFlight Series 2 headphones?

    Definitely yes. The ear cushions sit just behind and above the ear, allowing glasses to be put on or taken off without interfering with the headphones. This gives you the freedom to wear almost any type of glasses without sacrificing comfort or noise reduction.

  • Can the microphone be switched from one side to the other?

    Absolutely. Both the microphone arm and the integrated cable can be placed on either the right or left side of the headphone. Thanks to the self-adjusting connector, the connection is always secure.

  • How long do the ProFlight Series 2 batteries last?

    Using two AA batteries, these headphones offer at least 45 hours of use under typical aircraft noise conditions. If Bluetooth is used continuously, this time is reduced to a minimum of 25 hours. As always, duration can vary depending on battery type, environment, and active features. They also have a light indicator to inform when it's time to change the batteries.

  • Can I use rechargeable batteries with these headphones?

    Although technically possible, it is not advised. Rechargeable batteries progressively decrease flight time from the initial 45 hours. Furthermore, they might affect the accuracy of the battery life indicator, which could result in less time than expected.

  • Is it feasible to use lithium-ion batteries?

    Using lithium-ion batteries is discouraged due to their voltage, which is typically higher than recommended.

  • What is the automatic power-on feature?

    Models that can be powered from the aircraft (6 and 5 pin XLR connections) will automatically turn on when they detect power from the aircraft. A switch on the module allows this feature to be adjusted according to personal preferences.

  • How does the auto-off feature work?

    The ProFlight Series 2 have a feature that detects inactivity. If not used for a period ranging between 6 and 45 minutes, they will automatically turn off to conserve battery.

  • What does the TSO standard mean and why is it relevant?

    The TSO (Technical Standard Order) sets the minimum performance requirements for equipment, components, and materials in civil aviation. Having a TSO authorization ensures that the product meets these standards. Bose Corporation not only complies but in many cases exceeds these requirements. However, having a TSO authorization does not guarantee approval for use on a specific aircraft.

  • In terms of noise reduction, how do the ProFlight Series 2 compare to the A30?

    The ProFlight Series 2, while effective, do not offer the same level of noise reduction as the A30.

Bose ProFlight Series 2 box contents
  • Box Contents

    Bose ProFlight Series 2 Pilot Headphones.

    Carrying case.

    Hook for the carrying case.

    2 AA batteries.

    Control module mount.

    StayHear+ tips in three sizes (S, M, L).


Users have the flexibility to customize their ProFlight Series 2 headphones according to their preferences. Additionally, there are multiple adjustment options for the connectors on each module. These connector configurations are available both with and without Bluetooth, offering options for dual pin or 5 pins. Designed to perform in both civilian and military aircraft, the ProFlight Series 2 cover the most common connector configurations:

Dual G/A Connector (PJ 068 and 6.3mm stereo): Using this alternative, the headphones connect to the aircraft's communication system through a dual connector, without drawing power from it. Two AA batteries ensure at least 45 hours of flight use. This option is the preferred choice for many aviators.

5-pin XLR Connection: Commonly known as the Airbus connector, this variant offers a monophonic connection to the aircraft and, depending on the installation, may be powered by it. When unplugged, the headphones seamlessly switch between the power supplied by the aircraft and the batteries, ensuring an uninterrupted transition.

6-pin aircraft connector (LEMO): With this option, the headphones draw their power directly from the aircraft through a 6-pin connector. When unplugged, the headphones switch smoothly between the aircraft's power source and the batteries, providing a seamless experience for the user.*

*Bose provides adapters to transform the 6-pin connector into a dual GA or U174 plug, offering more connection alternatives.

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